Nothing against Kermit, Piggy, or Fozzie, but Gonzo was, is and always will be my favorite main character Muppet. He just embodies what it means to BE a Muppet; he's an abstract character who can be or do anything the script says. I also love how unpredictable Gonzo is. You know he's gonna say or do something totally weird when he shows up, but you never know what or when it's gonna happen. Gonzo is what TV Tropes calls the Author Avatar in regards to his performer Dave Goelz; Dave was a guy unused to performing when The Muppet Show started, so Gonzo was originally portrayed as a pessimist who was often doomed to failure or to be booed offstage by the audience. As Dave got more experience and the character developed, Gonzo became more the eccentric weirdo we know and love today. I can safely say I see a bit of myself in Gonzo. And that's why he'll always be my #1 Favorite Muppet.