Appearing in A Muppet Family Christmas, this colorful bird was meant to be the main coarse for Christmas dinner at Emily Bear's farmhouse. Gonzo, being a natural bird lover, tried to advise the bird to leave the farmhouse before the chef learned he arrived, but when the turkey began hitting on his girlfriend Camilla, Gonzo had a change of heart and handed the jerky turkey over to the chef. However, he managed to talk his way out of being roasted by redirecting the Swedish Chef's attention to Big Bird who had just arrived. He appeared again, without the scarf, hat, and sunglasses, in A Muppets Christmas Carol where he was named Martin. The puppet is now a regular turkey who often is foil to the Swedish Chef. When he was performed by Steve Whitmire, the turkey had a Brooklyn accent, but now the turkey seems to be restricted to mere gobbling.