While Cologne might look like a female version of Happosai, she was once an average-sized and beautiful young woman of the Chinese Amazon Tribe, whereas Happosai has always been a foot tall and unattractive in looks and personality. Her shrinkage and unattractive looks could be because she's over 400 years old, and in all that time she has seen and heard much in terms of Chinese lore. She is Shampoo's great-grandmother and sees Ranma Saotome as her future son-in-law, often addressing him as such. Cologne is Ranma's only creditable teacher in terms of martial arts, often teaching him techniques that make him superhuman. The reason is because, in her mind, the stronger Ranma becomes the better a husband he'll one day make Shampoo. Cologne is so powerful that only Happosai can legitimately contend with her, and Cologne's skills and power border on otherworldly magic.