When she was just a child, Hinako had a weak constitution until Happosai visited the hospital she lived in. Happosai taught her the ability to drain others of their energy. He said it would cure her condition, and it did, but he also wanted her to use the power called Happo Five-Yen/Fifty-Yen Satsu to drain the hospital nurses of their energy when they chased him for stealing their underwear. A side effect was that Hinako is now stuck in her child form and only by absorbing the energy from others with the technique Happosai taught her can she temporarily resume her true adult form. As a child, Hinako is very silly and impulsive. When in adult form, Hinako comes off as a pompous woman. A personality trait both forms have is a distaste for delinquency. The person she considers a delinquent the most is none other than Ranma Saotome.