This silly creature appeared in an OVA. Tatewake Kuno's mentor sold him an egg said to house a young immortal phoenix that would grant invincibility to its master. The egg hatched when Ranma placed the egg on Kuno's head and the chick immediately attacked Ranma with rapid pecking and an electrical blast. The imprinting nature of the Legendary Phoenix is interesting in that it doesn't believe the first thing it sees to be its mother, but considers it to be an enemy and the imprinting instinct changes from the moment the chick goes to sleep to the moment it wakes up. It takes ten-hundred years for the Legendary Phoenix to mature and leave the nest, though Ranma and his friends speed up the growth process by force feeding, only to go on a destructive rampage. A combination of goofball slapstick and unbridled carnage if ever there was one.